• schumar setpack
  • Schumar setpack
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  • Schumar setpack brivnica


63.90  (52.38  +DDV)

“Everything a real man needs for grooming his beard and hairstyle one can find in the Schumar Setpack.”

  • Handmade Schumar Comb is designed for combing and grooming denser and longer beards, as well as forming those slick hair looks.
  • Schumar Beard Oil is designed for face care and beard grooming. Oil sinks in for the whole day and makes sure the beard stays put in the desired shape. With regular use it tackles skin problems like acne and rashes as well as moisturizing it.
  • Handame Schumar Brush is designed for grooming of shorter beards and hairstyles with lengths of up to two centimeters. The mixture of bristles is designed for grooming of both, denser and thiner beards, while making those appear fuller.




Product Description

Gift set of three Schumar products.