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“Every bearded man needs right comb for grooming the beard. Schumar knows best.”

You know it’s time for Schumar comb when your beard grows into Schumar beard. Combing and grooming of long beard is made easy with using handmade Schumar comb. Its length between 22 toothcombs ensures natural appearance of the beard. It’s designed for grooming of both, denser and thiner beards, as well as forming those slick hair looks.

The magic happens when changing the shape of the comb. When left in the sun for few hours, the comb changes its shape to a slight curl. It straightens to original shape if you dive it in the water for one hour and and let it dry in a dehumidified room.

“Your beard can thank you later for grooming it with Schumar Comb.”

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Available: Darker version from masarandube wood with lighter line made of maple wood.

Lighter version from walnut wood with line made of maple wood. We selected only the types of wood that combine the beauty of real wood with natural durability, hardness and easy maintenance.

Warning: comb made of masarandube wood sinks in water.